I cannot say enough good things about my now dear friend and go-to for all things dog, Dr. Kim Bloomer and her courses. When I enrolled, I had been living as natural a life as possible with my dogs and had been raw feeding for many years. I really just wanted a certification so others would take me seriously when coming to me for nutritional advice. I didn't have any letters behind my name. Ha! Little did I know...I still had a lot to learn. The courses I took covered so much that I didn't even know I needed to know. Turns out there was more. A whole lot more. Dr. Kim was beyond supportive the entire way, but made sure to push me and made me think for myself versus giving me the answers to questions I would ask. I was taught to dig deeper, to look at the animal as a whole, to take what I learned and apply it. And apply it I did. I am beyond grateful for what I have learned in the courses and in my own life by applying what I learned. I am still, to this day, learning. I have been able to help my dogs and my client's dogs through challenging times and to live the best lives possible. That is something you cannot put a price on. Knowing what I know now, I would've paid ten times what I paid. Seriously. Well worth the time and money! 
 - Breanne Altherr
Nutrition Consultant, Animal Naturopath, Sit Means Sit franchise owner
I became certified by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN - former school) in Small Animal Naturopathy because I was discouraged and devastated by Western allopathic veterinary medicine and watching the health of my precious companion animals continue to decline year after year only to succumb to cancer younger and younger, under their care. I wanted to learn about true health and healing and share my knowledge with other pet owners. ACAN's course opened my eyes to the real and perfect source of health and healing for all of God's creation, and that health is not a method but a lifestyle. The course taught me the core competencies and gave me the qualifications, confidence, and mentorship to start my own professional small animal consulting practice. Because the coursework and modules are set up in separate sections, I was able to work at my own speed and on my schedule. Everyone works at their own pace, but I was able to complete the coursework and exam in less than a year because the digestible modules kept me wanting to learn more. As an ACAN graduate, I am educated in how to support an animal's innate ability to heal itself and I am empowered to share this knowledge with others. After implementing what I learned in the lives of my dogs, I saw significant improvements in their health right away. I cannot thank ACAN enough for the precious and priceless quality of life and years that their teachings have given my precious pets and those of my clients.
 - Anita Costa
AniBel Soaps, LLC,
In 2016, I completed the Animal Naturopathy course at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. The course provided me with a comprehensive and detailed education on natural health methods for animals, including diet, lifestyle modifications, herbs, homeopathy, and more. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter, and their enthusiasm made learning the material enjoyable and memorable. I am now equipped with the knowledge to provide holistic healing for animals, which has greatly enriched my understanding of animal care. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in providing natural health services for animals. Thank you, American Council of Animal Naturopathy!
 - Thomas Sandberg
The Animal Naturopath,
I received my certification in Small Animal Naturopathy from ACAN in 2017 and consider it one of my life’s top accomplishments. I learned so much from the course material and the professors that I was able to apply not only to my beloved dog’s life, but my own. I honestly can’t imagine going back to a “normal” lifestyle again. I not only learned facts from the courses, but created a whole new way of thinking – for the better! The information in the courses can sometimes seem radical since it goes against what has been taken as truth for so long, but the science is there to back it up. I wish more people would choose to better inform themselves. Their animals’ lives and those they care for would be so much healthier for it.
 - Wendy Lovas
In 2018 after naturally rearing my dogs for 18 years I decided to take Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr Jeannie Thomason’s course ACAN (Animal Council of Animal Naturopath). I was extremely anxious to take this course. With the support of Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie, it was a course I learned from without the added anxiety and fear of failing. They were both kind and understanding and along the way helped me to relax enough to keep learning much of what I already knew deep in my heart. The information given throughout the course was the answers as to the WHYs and HOWs. I wish I could go back and refresh everything that I read and learnt in that course. One of the best courses I have ever taken.
 - Carole Baldwin
Natural rearing breeder of Border Terriers
I had the great privilege of studying small animal naturopathy under Dr. Kim through her former school ACAN. The thoroughness of the courses was incredible, allowing me to gain an unexpected depth of knowledge. Dr. Kim's support and encouragement were never far away. You will never regret taking courses from her!
 - Krystal L. Beers, CSAN